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Scott’s Story

For 20+ years I put mine and my clients’ money into mutual funds. The risk and uncertainty is a constant stress. In 2002 then again in 2008 markets lost about half their value. Were you stressed out and frustrated? I was! My mentors sang the tune…” you’re in it for the long haul.” Have you heard that before? Five years ago, I committed to find a more certain, predictable, and safe way to build wealth before the next drop which we just experienced

I found it. Now, I concentrate on protecting wealth and teaching you how to have certainty regardless of what happens that can derail or delay your long-term planning. What happens when you lose your job, get sick, get sued, live too long, die too soon, pay higher taxes, economic collapse (where will today’s reality end?), markets crash, and government rules change? We position you to not only know it will happen, but also take full advantage of it. This is security and peace of mind. You can have it.

My passion is helping people like you safely create wealth and achieve more financial success.

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Common Misconceptions When Building Wealth: 

These are just some of the reasons people have for why they aren’t able to build wealth and reach their financial goals. 

It’s time for this to stop. 

What’s your number? The mainstream financial media want you to believe “everyone has a number”. I don’t believe that. Why? Because we truly don’t know! How long will you live? What will your rate of return be? What will inflation be? What will taxes be? How much will health care cost?  Will you receive social benefits like Old Age Security? How do you know a number without knowing these answers? There are far too many ifs, whats, hows in this process.  Hope is NOT a strategy.   It’s time for a new way of thinking…what if there was a way to safely remove these questions from your planning?

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