Life insurance to fit every lifestyle…on your terms.

Life Insurance that rewards you for being active. Would you like to be rewarded with lower life insurance premiums for being active? Benefits include:

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  • Life insurance premiums comparable to or LESS than regular life insurance rates.*
  • A free yearly Exam One wellness/health screening (completed at your home or office), with a personalized report, so you can easily monitor your health and track your progress*
  • A $39 Apple Watch (every 2 years) or the latest wearable technology from Garmin (free) – the choice is yours!*
  • Up to 50% off hotel stays* (for any two nights at qualifying hotels from Hotels.com, each program year per insured)
  • Up to $500/year in Amazon gift cards*
  • Up to 10% discount on life insurance premiums**Benefits are always changing and improving. Contact us for full details. Get rewarded for being healthy.

Life insurance is more accessible than ever. Many of our clients between 18 and 50 can now get life insurance, up to and including $1 million of coverage, without having to meet with a nurse to provide blood, urine and other biometric data. This means an easier, less intrusive experience, and faster decisions.


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Our Commitment to you and your family:

1. The best thing we can do for you is to ask really good questions, and listen. What really matters is what you want to happen if you live too long, die too soon, or get sick or disabled along the way. We’ll ask the right questions to determine what your wants are and reverse engineer a plan/strategy to help you achieve exactly that.

2. Our goal: No out of pocket cost. Do you hate life insurance or do you simply not like paying for it? If life insurance was free, how much would you have? We’ll work with you to help you find the money to pay for your coverage so it feels like it’s free. If we can’t deliver on this promise, don’t hire us.

3. We’ll use technology and the right insurance product(s) to make the process as simple, quick, and easy as possible.

Did you know most mortgage life insurance policies automatically decrease your coverage amount as your mortgage balance decreases, BUT the premium/cost stays the same? Why pay for decreasing life insurance coverage when you don’t have to? 

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